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Eyebrow Threading Stafford VA


The shape of your eyebrows has a big impact on the way you look. An expertly manicured brow has the power to lift your features, make your eyes appear larger, and can even contour the shape of your face for dreamy definition. 


At DMV Salon, our professional stylists bring years of experience to provide a precise and polished result, drawing on the ancient art of eyebrow threading. 


Flawless Microblading


Lusting after full, fluffy brows, a la Lily Collins or Cara Delvigne? Make like your eyebrow icons with microblading, a semi-permanent makeup procedure that mimics real hairs for a low-maintenance look that lasts. 


One of the most popular eyebrow enhancements available, microblading can add definition and fullness, correct uneven arches, and even contour the shape of your face. At DMV Salon, we provide expert eyebrow microblading by highly qualified technicians.


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We offer a range of body waxing options, including Brazilian and full-body waxing, at our dmv salon. Our estheticians have 12+ years of experience and will make your experience comfortable and safe in our hygienic, luxurious environment in Stafford, Virginia. 

Online body waxing bookings are available, as well as walk-ins at our salon: 261-105 Garrisonville Rd, Stafford, VA 22554. 


Get ready for a day of pampering at Dmv Salon, the only beauty salon you need for everything from facials to permanent makeup. Treat yourself to personalized services designed to boost confidence and enhance your stunning features, such as Microblading, Eyebrow Threading, Microblading, Microshading, Powder brows, Waxing services, Brow Tinting, Eyebrow Lamination, Eyebrow Waxing, Henna Tatto, Lashes so much more.


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Eyelash Extension

For a beautiful doe-eyed look, lash extensions, lifts or enhancements offer fluttery fullness and reduce the need for daily makeup. At DMV Salon, we offer three separate lash treatments to suit you, whether you are looking for a subtle curl to open your eyes, a high-impact length, or long-term natural fullness.


Looking for lusciously full brows à la Cara Delvigne? Brow lamination is a simple, safe, and painless technique that sets your hair in place for a divinely full and feathered look. Replacing regular brow gel and products, it saves time on your beauty routine while improving the thickness of your natural brows.


Lacking a little color, definition, or fullness in your brows? Whether you opt for traditional tinting or natural henna, our professional technicians can help contour your brows, bringing bold definition by filling in gaps and dying the tiny hairs at the top of your arches. Perfect for those with naturally light or thin eyebrows, tinting takes away the stress of daily makeup.

For smooth hair removal, look no further than waxing, which tames unruly hairs and reduces re-growth by pulling hairs away at the root. Whether you want expertly contoured brows or a silky smooth upper lip, our technicians are highly trained to achieve the results you crave

Beautifully exotic and ornamental, temporary henna tattoos are traditionally used in Asian and Middle Eastern cultures to celebrate special occasions. If you have a wedding or birthday coming up, or it's your own special day, why not book yourself in for a flawless henna design with stunning heritage beauty? Find out more about the history of henna below, and have your questions answered.

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