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Henna Stafford VA

Offering intricate and ornamental decoration on any area of the body, henna is an ever more popular way to celebrate love. Achieve a stunningly unique design to commemorate any special occasion by booking a henna session today.

Henna Artist

What is Henna?

An ancient art of deep cultural significance, Henna has been used by civilizations for over 5,000 years, traditionally to celebrate special occasions in places like Pakistan, India, and the Middle East. The natural substance was originally used to keep people cool in scorching climates and for medicinal purposes. 


It wasn’t long before people discovered it could also leave a temporary stain on the skin, leading to the birth of henna dye and temporary tattoos. Safe, painless, and affordable, henna comes from a plant containing an organic orange dye that reacts with a protein on the surface of your skin to produce the desired patterns. Temporary henna tattoos are usually red, brown, or burgundy in color. 


Symbolizing wealth and good health, henna is now used in marriage ceremonies to embody the connection of two souls. 


How Long Does Henna Take to Dry? 

After the henna paste has been applied, you will need to wait around 10 minutes for it to dry. Take special care for the first hour after application to avoid smudging. Leaving the paste on your skin for longer will result in a darker stain – in some cultures, this represents a deeper love connection. 


How Long Does Henna Last?

A form of temporary tattoo, henna designs can last anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks, depending on the location of the application. They tend to last longer if you are young, and don’t swim or exfoliate regularly.


How to Remove Henna

The best way to remove henna is simply to wait for it to naturally fade away, which will happen over the course of a week or so. However, you can speed up the process by exfoliating or regularly wiping the area with warm, soapy water. 


Henna Near Me 

Looking for stylish local henna designs to commemorate a special occasion? Perhaps you just love the look of this traditional Asian and middle eastern technique. Base in Stafford, VA, DMV Salon is the ideal spot for gorgeous and affordable henna designs, with lots of different options to suit your style. Get in touch to book your appointment!

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