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We offer a range of body waxing options, including Brazilian and full-body waxing, at our DMV SALON. Our estheticians have 12+ years of experience and will make your experience comfortable and safe in our hygienic, luxurious environment in Stafford, Virginia. 

Online body waxing bookings are available, as well as walk-ins at our Salon: 261 Garrisonville Rd, Unit-105, Stafford VA 22554


What Is A Full-Body Wax?

A full-body wax is the removal of hair from an individual's entire body. In this technique, a thin layer of hot wax is applied over small areas of the body, a cloth is smoothed over it the wax, and then immediately removed in the direction opposite from that of the hair growth. The wax pulls hair out by the root, so the area can be hair free for several weeks. The process can be painful, but many people consider it worthwhile to temporarily remove unwanted body hair. Full-body waxing is popular among both men and women. 


Enjoy Smooth Skin Without The Shaving Risks

Waxing away your body hair not only gives your smooth skin; however, it gives you longer-lasting results – unlike shaving! Shaving your body hair may quickly remove your body hair, but unfortunately, it comes with many disadvantages. 

Shaving puts your skin at risk of nicks, cuts, and even infections in delicate areas such as the armpits, legs, or even the pubic area. In addition to these risks, the downside of shaving is that the results are extremely short-term. Areas that have been shaved may be smooth and hair-free for a day; however, you’ll feel prickly the following day. Often this leads to daily shaving to rid yourself of the ‘prickles’, putting you at more risk of damaging your skin. 

Let’s not forget that long-term shaving also results in thicker hairs growing back!

Body waxing, when completed by a professional, provides longer-lasting results without damaging your skin. Your skin will be hairless for longer as the waxing method involves removing the entire hair strand, which includes the follicle responsible for the hair's growth.

With the help of a qualified and professional body waxer, you can enjoy beautifully soft, smooth skin for weeks, not days, like shaving. The best part of waxing is that is safe to be performed on just about any part of the body, this includes delicate areas such as your eyebrows, upper lip, and bikini area. 


Waxing Costs

Body waxing offers many long-term benefits in regard to hair removal without the risks associated with shaving. With these advantages, it should be no surprise that the cost associated with body waxing is higher than that when compared to shaving or tweezing. 


Preparing For Your First Waxing Experience

To ensure optimal results with your first body wax experience, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin in the days before your scheduled appointment. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells and helps release ingrown hairs that may be trapped. Clean, exfoliated skin increases comfort during the waxing process as it makes it easier for the hair strands to be removed.

We also recommend staying well hydrated the days before and on your appointment. This little unknown fact is the secret to minimizing discomfort during your waxing sessions as it aids in faster and easier removal of the hair strands.

Most importantly, your hair will need to be long enough to be able to be waxed. The external hairs themselves need to be about ½ inch so they can stick to the wax to enjoy uniform results. 

A quick note to those menstruating: please ensure that your body waxing appointment is not on or close to your period. The closer you are in date to your cycle, the more discomfort from waxing you may feel due to increased sensitivity.


Enjoy A Hair-Free Life Today

Can you imagine a better daily routine without body hair? With the long-lasting waxing results, you never have to think twice about what clothing you will wear (yes, wear that skirt!) and your morning routine will be stress-free without the worry of shaving or tweezing.

Are you ready to live a hair-free life now? Call us to make an appointment with one of our trained and qualified estheticians in our Stafford, VA, Dmv Salon. 







Why Should I Switch To Waxing?

You may be surprised to learn that body waxing is incredibly quick. Your esthetician can remove large amounts of body hair from one area at one time. For example, our estheticians can remove body hair from both of your entire legs in as little as one hour. This hour-long investment will guarantee your hair-free legs for as long as 4 to 6 weeks. 

In addition to the obviously silky-smooth skin, the benefits of regular waxing can also result in damaging your hair follicles – which causes your hair to stop growing! Many clients who have been waxing long-term often report that their hair growth is reduced, sparser and softer overall when compared to shaving. 


What Is Better, Sugar Wax Or Wax?

Sugar waxing and waxing are two great options for hair removal if you're looking for lasting results. While there is no clear ‘winner’ between the two options, those with sensitive skin types may prefer sugar waxing (often referred to as ‘sugaring’) due to its natural ingredients. In sugar waxing, the only ingredients are sugar, lemon juice, water and glycerin. 

Sugaring is also considered to be slightly less painful as the waxing mixture doesn't adhere to the skin.


What Is A Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is a waxing method that removes all pubic hair from the pubic region. This includes your labia and anus areas. As it involves removing all pubic hairs it may also include removing hair from your inner thighs and below your navel. 

Brazilian waxes are different to a bikini wax, which only involves removing the pubic hair on your bikini line, your inner thighs and below your navel. 

Due to the sensitive area, we may use a different type of wax (either hot or cold) to reduce discomfort. 


How long does a Brazilian wax last?

Results differ from client to client depending upon the hair re-growth rate. However, after your first waxing, the results can be seen for three to six weeks. The public hair growth is minimal in weeks one and two and increases in weeks four and five.


Will a Brazilian wax hurt?

Sensitivity among clients differs and some will experience slight pain, while others will experience no discomfort. For those who experience pain, the pain is not unbearable and reduces with each session. 

If you have concerns speak with our estheticians to discuss the process. Our body wax estheticians have over 12 years’ experience. 


Can you have a Brazilian wax while pregnant?

Pregnancy hormones can cause the growth of extra unwanted body hair. Fortunately, waxing during pregnancy is considered safe! 


How long does a Brazilian wax take?

Your appointment should only take between 15-20 minutes to complete.


How often should I get a Brazilian wax to maintain results?

To ensure consistent results, it is recommended that you have a waxing appointment every three to four weeks. Please ensure that the hair growth is at least ½ inch to ensure it can adhere to the wax.


What to wear to a Brazilian wax?

Your skin may be sensitive after the axing appointment, and therefore please ensure you wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment. For the next 24 hours, we also recommend avoiding anything that may irritate the skin, such as tight-fitting clothing, heat (including exercise) or friction.

How much does waxing cost?

The cost of waxing depends on many factors, including:

o   The area of your body where you want to rid the hair

o   The size of the treatment area

o   The qualifications of the esthetician

Regardless of the above, professional body waxing remains affordable. As a guide, the cost for an underarm (armpit) wax would be approximately $25, while a full-leg wax would cost approximately $70.

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