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Eyebrow Lamination Stafford VA

A relatively new treatment to the beauty scene, brow lamination is an innovative new technique for flawlessly fluffy brows. It involves fixing eyebrow hairs into place for a lasting, lifted look, in place of your typical brow gel or wand.

Eyebrow Treatment

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent technique to set your natural hairs into a specific place, enhancing the shape of your brow line. Brushing the hairs upwards and fixing them there achieves the full, feathery look you crave, without the need for invasive treatments and techniques. It also fills in any gaps that have emerged as a result of over-tweezing, for flawless lasting fullness. 

How Long Does Brow Lamination Last?

Lusciously full, feathered brows can be expected to last between four to six weeks. Proper maintenance will help your results last longer. This means avoiding water and steam for up to 48 hours after your treatment, and regularly nourishing the brows with hydrating oil afterward. 

The Brow Lamination Process

Very similar to a lash lift (the two go hand-in-hand if you want to book them together), brow lamination is a simple, four-step process. 

Step One - Preparation 

After a quick consultation to discover the desired shape and goals for your brows, we will cleanse to remove any residual makeup. Hairs will be gently combed into place using a dry mascara wand to get an idea of the finished look before a thin coat of bonder is applied. 

Step Two - Lift and Perm 

The lifting cream will then be applied to your brows, working from the roots and covering about 75% of the hair. Enriched with natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, the lifting cream helps to smooth out any unwanted kinks and soften thick hairs. We only use the most premium brow lamination products to nourish your hair while fixing it firmly in place. This part of the process usually takes around 5 minutes.  

Step Three - Neutralize and Tint 

Next up, neutralizing lotion is applied with a special tool known as a micro-applicator. At this stage, we will brush the brows carefully with a wand to ensure the desired shape is setting as it should, following the natural direction of your hair growth and the structure of your brow bone. The neutralizing lotion is designed to carefully counteract the lifting serum without pulling the hairs out of place. This part also takes around 5 minutes. 


After this stage, a tint can be applied if desired. We can customize the color to your liking and carefully apply it using a special brush, before leaving it to develop for up to three minutes. We will then check the color, before gently wiping away the tint, working with the natural direction of your hair. After tinting, we will contour the brows with light waxing or threading to achieve a fluffy, flawless finish. 

Step Four - Condition 

The final step is to moisturize the brows with a special conditioning serum which is applied using another clean wand. Enriched with a range of nourishing ingredients, this final step promotes healthy hair growth and leaves your beautifully feathered brows feeling hydrated. 

Brow Lamination Near Me 

Looking for professional brow lamination in Stafford, VA? DMV Salon is the ideal place for a range of beauty treatments, with an emphasis on stunning, natural enhancements. Our technicians are fully trained in all types of eyebrow and lash techniques, including the super stylish and painless lamination process. Get in touch to book your appointment today!


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