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Facial and Eyebrow Waxing Stafford VA

Contouring the brows and removing any unwanted bristles, waxing is a classic way to maintain smooth skin and a soft, feminine look.

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What is Eyebrow Waxing?

Eyebrow waxing removes unwanted hairs to tame unruly brows, creating beautiful arches and definition. A cleverly shaped brow has the power to contour the face, lifting your features and opening your eyes for a brighter, more wide-awake look. 


Warm wax is applied to thin strips of fabric which are pressed against unwanted hairs and pulled away quickly, taking the follicles away with them. This leaves you with an impeccably neat silhouette and enhanced brow profile. 


How Long Does Eyebrow Waxing Last?

With results lasting up to four weeks, eyebrow waxing is ideal for those with naturally bushy brows or quick-growing hairs. If you struggle to keep your brows neat and contoured with tweezers alone, brow waxing is most definitely for you. 


The Process 

If it is your first visit to DMV Salon, we always start with a consultation to assess the shape of your face and discuss your brow goals. Using a time-honored technique known as ‘mapping,’ we will establish a new shape for your brows taking into account your unique profile and features. 


Hair removal lines will be marked out for symmetry and precision before the waxing process begins. Technicians may finish by wicking away any stray hairs with tweezers and trimming long hairs. Once wiped and cleaned, you are free to take a look at your new brows and enjoy all the natural enhancements they bring, not to mention your minimized beauty routine!


Eyebrow Waxing Near Me 

Ready to enjoy sleek, elegant arches and subtle facial contouring? At DMV Salon in Stafford, VA, our technicians are well-versed in the ever-popular art of eyebrow waxing. Drawing on years of experience, we can help you create a lighter, low-maintenance look that lifts your features and helps you feel more confident day-to-day. Contact us today to book your appointment!




What is Facial Waxing? 

If you struggle with stubborn hair growing on your upper lip, cheeks, or sideburns, facial waxing is the discreet solution for you. Removing the hair at the root, this process helps you maintain smooth, hair-free skin for several weeks at a time. It is a centuries-old technique to help people feel less self-conscious about unwanted hair, without having to worry about daily maintenance.


Hair follicles in their entirety are removed using hot wax and fabric strips, slowing the rate of re-growth dramatically.  

How Long Does Facial Waxing Last? 

Just like eyebrow waxing, facial waxing lasts up to four weeks. How often you will need to pop in for appointments depends on your natural rate of hair growth. Generally, the longer you stay dedicated to facial waxing, the longer you can leave it between appointments. 

The Process 

It all starts with a consultation to discuss your problem areas and beauty goals. Your technician will use a process called facial mapping to determine the best course of action to accentuate your natural beauty, only removing what is necessary. 


Lines will be drawn to indicate the areas of hair to be removed for a precise and contoured finish before your beautician will begin the facial waxing process. Working quickly, any unwanted hairs will be removed before you know it. The treatment ends with a quick cleanse before your smooth new skin is revealed.  

Facial Waxing Near Me 

Based in Stafford, VA, DMV Salon offers a sensitive and discreet facial waxing service. Having been in the beauty business for years, our skilled technicians know how important it is for you to look and feel your best, which is why we take the time to discuss your needs and provide the most appropriate solution. For smooth, hair-free skin, book your appointment today!

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