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Eyebrow Microblading Aftercare Day By Day

Day One: Beauty is Pain

On the day of your microblading treatment, the pigment is likely to appear much darker than it will eventually. Don’t worry though, the color will eventually fade to naturally blend with the rest of your eyebrows. You may experience some redness and bleeding at this stage, as well as some pain or tenderness around the treatment area. It's important to avoid painkillers which can thin your blood - if you need to take some, we recommend Tylenol.

Day Two and Three: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

By the second and third day, you will see a reduction in symptoms of pain and tenderness, while redness may still be apparent. The pigment is likely to look increasingly darker and your brows will feel thicker as the skin underneath begins the healing process. You might feel a little self-conscious at this stage, but try not to! Although it feels like everyone is looking at you, they probably haven't even noticed that your brows are darker than usual.

Day Four and Five: An Itch You Can’t Scratch

As you head into days four and five, some flakiness will begin to emerge. It will all start with an intense itching sensation – it's so important that you resist the urge to scratch at all costs! The cuts themselves might still be open underneath, which can cause all sorts of problems and interfere with the healing process.

Day Six and Seven: Trust the Process

Just as with any cut, scabs will start to form as your skin kicks its healing mechanisms into gear. Picking or peeling off the scabs is a big no-no, as it can pull the pigment away with it and waste your precious investment. It can also cause the wounds underneath to reopen, leading to infection. As annoying as it may seem, you need to wait for the scabs to fall away naturally.

Day Seven to Ten: A Vanishing Act

As the scabs start to fall away, you might have expected to see full, fluffy brows underneath. Unfortunately, you’re still a few days away from those flawless, finished results! At this stage, your microbladed eyebrows will look a lot lighter than they first appeared. They might even look grey or have missing spots.

Don’t worry! This is a perfectly normal part of the microblading aftercare process. Underneath the skin, the pigment is busy bonding to the upper layers of your skin where it will soon reemerge.

Day Ten to Twenty: Brow Goals!

In the final few days of the healing process, you will notice the carefully drawn hair strokes start to emerge, blending beautifully with your natural eyebrows. The skin should finally appear fully healed, with no scabbing or lasting scars. By day 21, all redness and tenderness should have completely subsided.

However, it's important to note that the healing process can look different to every person, and for some, can last between four and six weeks. You will know your brows are fully healed once the color has completely settled and you can’t tell the difference between the microbladed strokes and your natural hairs.

If you feel unsure about anything during the healing process, or you feel your brows are not healing as they should, you can always contact your technician at DMV Salon for expert advice and peace of mind.

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